Terms of Service


a. By transferring payment it is understood that you agree to these terms of service.
b. I reserve the right to alter these terms, any changes made will not affect clients who have agreed to the previous terms.
c. I reserve the right to decline a commission request before any payment has been paid.

a. Payments are made through Paypal or bank transfer.
b. Prices are not negotiable unless otherwise stated.
c. I do not complete illustrations until full payment has been received for my own security. Commissions up to £100 GBP must be paid upfront entirely. Any commissions above £100 may be paid 50% upfront and the rest upon approval of the sketch phase or via payment plans that have been discussed.
d. Clients shall receive a full refund if:
- I cancel the commission for personal reasons.
- They cancel the commission before work has begun.

​​​Clients shall receive a partial refund (the initial payment minus the work that has already been done) if:
- They wish to cancel the commission after I have began working on it.
e. If the client becomes rude or abusive during the commission process I will cancel the commission and refund the client partially or in full depending on the progress completed already.
f. Refunds shall be transferred as soon as reasonably possible. In the case that I have insufficient funds in my Paypal account to refund immediately, the first following earnings transferred to my account will go towards the refund.
g. Slots may be cancelled if payment hasn't been made within 2 months. This is to free up my queue and to prevent people from holding slots for an extended time.

Work Method and Revisions:
a. I aim to complete commissions in the same order they have been requested but may choose to alternate between multiple illustrations for creative reasons and commissions may be completed out of the original order as a result.
b. I shall always show progress sketches (wip's) to every client and shall wait for approval before continuing the work.
c. For full colour illustrations I shall also send over rough colour layouts and options for approval before I begin rendering.
d. I am always happy to edit any mistakes and make minor adjustments to finished artworks free of charge, unless the alteration is a large change to the foundation of the piece (repaints/redraws) in that case additional fees shall be incurred.

You can view the live commission list >Here!

Image Rights:
a. I reserve the full rights to my artwork by default. Full rights entail the right to use, publish, re-post and alter the artwork as I wish. This includes selling prints of the artwork and posting to Patreon.
b. My clients have the right to repost low resolution versions of the artwork (1270x1270 pixels) as long as my signature is visible. They may also use their commissioned image publicly for personal icons and/or banners without my written permission.
c. My clients also have the right to print the high resolution version of the artwork for their private use.
d. Full or partial rights to the commissioned artwork may be bought for an additional fee. This will be discussed in private.
e. When uploading artwork I have created you agree to credit me as the artist and to link to either my FA or Twitter.
f. I do not give permission or any rights for my work to be used for non-fungible tokens (NFT's), AI training or similar.

If your artwork is to be used for prints or other merch, I would be happy to send you a copy of the print(s) as well as a goodie bag for the cost of postage.

Deadlines and Updates:
a. By default, I aim to complete my commissions within 2 months from starting.
b. Clients may set a deadline for their commission for an additional fee, depending on the amount of time given and the complexity of the illustration. This will be discussed in private.
I have the right to prioritise commissions based on set deadlines.
d. I have the right to refuse a deadline for a commission if it does not agree with my schedule.
e. I aim to keep my clients up to date with their commission status whenever there is an update available or a change is made to the schedule. I am generally very prompt with communication however if you do not receive a reply straight away, please wait at least 5 days before trying again (unless you have something to add or wish to speak about a different subject).

Artist's Notes:
a. I always strive to conduct myself professionally and with respect and I expect my clients to do the same.
b. I will not draw what I consider to be offensive but I will not judge my clients for their requests.
c. I do not hold onto any information regarding the client, including names, addresses, payment info ect. All of which are deleted on commission completion.

If you have a suggestion, spotted an error or if anything is still unclear to you after reading this ToS, please feel free to send me an email at indiwolfonline@live.co.uk.
Thank you,