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Hey, I'm Lauren!
I'm also known as IndiWolf/IndiWolfonline
and I'm a freelance artist who has been painting amazing characters since 2014


I specialise in working with and designing creatures and environments.
Being able to tell a story (and add a bit of fun) within an illustration is something I love about my work!

Due to this, I wanted to learn more about creating my own stories
and one small experimental project in 2017 sparked a huge inspiration for storytelling and narrative based works (which became my current comic, Out of Time).
Comics have really pushed me to create more expressive, colourful and dynamic compositions and I love every second of it!

If you want to see more about Out of Time then Patreon is the best place to be
as all the up to date pages are posted there until publishing.

Outside of that, I'm continuing to work on other projects and commissions
which I shall post more about when the time comes.


Until then, keep up to date with what I'm creating
& check out my socials:
Twitter | Instagram | Twitch | Telegram Updates

If you like my style and are interested in working with me, I would love to hear from you!
Drop an email to indiwolfonline@live.co.uk